39 of 53 countries tasted.

Albania Albania.png

Andorra Andorra.png

Austria austria
Mountain Brews Hazy Lager check 10/02/2017

Belarus belarus

Belgium belgium
Hoegaarden Blanche check 21/03/2014

Bosnia & Herzegovina bosnia-herzegovina

Bulgaria Bulgaria.png

Croatia croatia
Karlovačko Pivo check 11/12/2015

Cyprus cyprus
KEO check 22/08/2015

Czech Republic czech-republic
Budweiser Budvar B:Original check 26/10/2014

Denmark denmark
Tuborg Grøn check 04/10/2014

England England.png
Newcastle Brown Ale check 29/11/2015
*San Miguel check 09/11/2014 (Brewed by Carlsberg UK)

Estonia Estonia.png
Saku Kuld check 07/12/2015

Faroe Islands faroe-islands
Föroya Bjór Pilsnar check 28/11/2015

Finland finland
Lapin Kulta Premium Export check 10/12/2015

France france
Kronenbourg 1664 check 09/11/2014
*Desperados check 03/08/2014 (Brewed by Heineken France)

Germany germany
Flensburger Gold check 29/06/2014

Gibraltar gibraltar

Greece Greece.png
Mythos check 17/01/2015

Greenland greenland
69°N Isfjord Dark Lager check 28/10/2017

Hungary hungary

Iceland iceland
Ölvisholt Jólabjór check 23/12/2015

Ireland ireland
Kilkenny check 03/01/2015

Italy italy
Birra Moretti check 15/06/2014

Kosovo kosovo
Birra Peja check 18/11/2017

Latvia Latvia.png
Cēsu Light check 06/05/2017

Liechtenstein liechtenstein

Lithuania lithuania
Švyturys Baltijos check 27/01/2017

Luxembourg Luxembourg.png

Macedonia Macedonia.png

Malta Malta.png
Cisk Lager check 08/12/2017

Moldova moldova

Monaco monaco
Brasserie de Monaco Blanche Tradition check 08/04/2017

Montenegro montenegro
Nikšićko Tamno check 30/06/2017

Netherlands netherlands
Heineken check 17/05/2014

Northern Ireland Northern Ireland
Belfast Ale check 18/03/2017

Norway Norway.png
Lervig Lucky Jack check 13/09/2014

Poland poland
Hermann Müller check 01/10/2016

Portugal portugal
Sagres check 02/06/2017

Romania romania
Ursus Premium check 30/08/2016

Russia russia
Baltika 3 Classic check 06/09/2014

San Marino san-marino

Scotland scotland
BrewDog Trashy Blonde check 31/12/2014

Serbia Serbia.png
Jelen Pivo check 12/10/2017

Slovakia slovakia
Zlatý Bažant 12% check 15/09/2017

Slovenia slovenia

Spain spain
Estrella Damm check 29/06/2014

Sweden sweden
Åbro Original check 05/12/2015

Switzerland switzerland
1936 Bière check 24/02/2017

Turkey turkey
Efes Pilsen check 16/10/2016

Ukraine ukraine
Obolon Lager check 11/08/2017

Vatican City vatican-city

Wales wales
Crafty Devil Mikey Rayer All Dayer check 18/11/2016

*These beers are brewed in multiple countries, and I have therefor included the second beer from the affected countries on this list.