17 of 48 countries tasted.

Afghanistan afghanistan

Armenia armenia

Azerbaijan azerbaijan

Bahrain bahrain

Bangladesh Bangladesh.png

Bhutan Bhutan.png

Brunei Brunei.png

Cambodia cambodia

China china
Tsingtao check 29/06/2014

Georgia georgia
Khevsuruli check 19/10/2014

Hong Kong Hong Kong.png

India india
Kingfisher Premium Lager check 26/02/2017
*Chakra check 20/08/2016 (Brewed at Brouwerij Van Steenberge)

Indonesia indonesia
Bintang check 10/11/2017

Iran iran
Istak check 01/12/2017

Iraq iraq

Israel Israel.png
Alexander The Beer of Milk & Honey check 13/01/2017

Japan japan
Asahi Super Dry check 11/05/2014

Jordan Jordan.png

Kazakhstan kazakhstan

Kuwait kuwait

Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan.png

Laos laos
Beerlao check 12/05/2017

Lebanon lebanon
961 Beer Lager check 14/07/2017

Macau macau

Malaysia Malaysia.png

Maldives maldives

Mongolia Mongolia.png

Myanmar myanmar

Nepal nepal

North Korea north-korea

Oman Oman.png

Pakistan pakistan
Murree Beer check 11/03/2017

Palestine Palestine.png

Philippines philippines
San Miguel Pale Pilsen check 03/03/2017

Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia.png

Singapore singapore
Tiger check 17/01/2015

South Korea south-korea
Hite check 24/03/2017

Sri Lanka sri-lanka
Lion Stout check 14/06/2014

Syria syria

Taiwan Taiwan.png
Taiwan Beer Gold Medal check 01/09/2017

Tajikistan tajikistan

Thailand thailand
Chang Classic check 25/10/2014

Timor-Leste timor-leste

Turkmenistan turkmenistan

United Arab Emirates united-arab-emirates

Uzbekistan uzbekistan

Vietnam vietnam
¨33¨ Export check 10/06/2017

Yemen yemen

*These beers are brewed in multiple countries, and I have therefor included the second beer from the affected countries on this list.