Xirdalan Lager

Brewery: Carlsberg Azerbaijan
Style: Lager
ABV: 4.8%
Country number: 119
Bought at: Somewhere in Baku, Azerbaijan. Thanks to Tor Magne Madsen!
Date: 31/05/2019
My Untappd rating: 2.75

The blog isn’t dead! Things have been quiet since my last entry almost two months ago, but I am always on the look for new countries to cross of the list. When one of my former footballcoaches recently visited Azerbaijan I saw him check in a Xirdalan Lager on Untappd and my god was I quick to message him if he would be so kind to bring with him a bottle or can for me. And as with so many other of my friends he said yes! When I look back now I actually realise that a total of 15 people have contributed in my hunt for beers from different countries. Once again thank you Anders, Andreas, Aleksander, Aleksander, Christian, Dennis, Espen, Espen, Karen, Maits, Patrick, Remco, Stian, Tom and Tor Magne!

The beer is clear golden in colour with a nice foamy white head. It tastes malty and bitter before it finishes off more sweet. Very short on the aftertaste, and hard to tell it apart from other commercial lagers.