Brewery: Arpanoosh Industrial Company
Style: Non-alcoholic
ABV: 0%
Country number: 91
Bought at: Supermarket Persepolis in Hamburg, Germany
Date: 01/12/2017
My Untappd rating: 0.25

After I started this blog I allways stop by different foreign  supermarkets when I’m out travelling, especially Asian and African supermarkets. This was how I found some of the first beers for this blog when travelling to Copenhagen last December, and this is also how I found this weeks beer when travelling to Hamburg earlier this year. Iran is one of those countries in the world where alcohol is banned and I therefor had to settle for a non-alcoholic beer.

The beer is brown in colour. It starts of tasting sweet before quickly moving over to a bittersweet malty taste and ends of on a weird taste that makes it nearly impossible to drink for me. Took a couple of sips to cross of another country but nothing more…