French Polynesia


Brewery: Brasserie de Tahiti
Style: Lager
ABV: 5%
Country number: 70
Bought at: Bien Manger in La Canourgue, France and delivered to Jurys Inn in Gateshead, England
Date: 07/07/2017
My Untappd rating: 3.75

This week we reach another milestone, country number 70. I’ve been trying to save some of the more exotic beers for when I reach a round number. Country number 50 was Samoa, country number 60 was Mauritius and for number 70 I try Hinano from French Polynesia. The beer has come a long way from the Pacific Ocean via Bien Manger in France and my hotel in Newcastle before being brought home to Norway in my suitcase back in March this year.

The beer is clear golden in colour with a tiny foam head. It tastes crisp with just the right amount of bitterness from the malt. Slight taste of citrus before it finishes off with a hint of sweetness.