Belfast Ale

Brewery: Whitewater Brewery
Style: Bitter
ABV: 4.5%
Country number: 54
Bought at: Bien Manger in La Canourgue, France and delivered to Jurys Inn in Gateshead, England
Date: 18/03/2017
My Untappd rating: 3.25

When I started planning this blog at the end of last year I started visiting quite a lot of online shops to see if they delivered to Norway. After some time I found the French website This site offered 5 new countries I hadn’t had beer from. Sadly when I tried to order these I found out that even though the shop ships products to Norway they don’t ship beer to Norway. Back in January this year I won two tickets with bmi regional from Stavanger to Newcastle and I immediatly started researching if some of the online shops would deliver to a hotel in Newcastle. The answer from Bien Manger was yes, and as I opened the door to my room in Newcastle this weekend I was greeted by two boxes full of beer, one of them this Belfast Ale from Northern Ireland.

The beer is dark brown with a foam head that doesn’t disappear for a long time. It tastes mildly bitter with a hoppy finish.