Alexander The Beer of Milk & Honey

Brewery: Alexander Brewery (Collaboration with Mikkeller)
Style: Stout
ABV: 8.4%
Country number: 45
Bought at: Systembolaget in Västerås, Sweden
Date: 13/01/2017
My Untappd rating: 3-25

In December 2016 I travelled to Västerås in Sweden to renew my commercial pilot licence. As I was at this time in the planning stage for this blog it gave me an excellent opportunity to explore the local Systembolaget and see what different countries it had to offer. One of these were Israel with The Beer of Milk and Honey.

The beer is black in colour with a small foam head. There is a lot of different tastes but chocolate, coffee and honey are the ones dominating. Very sweet due to the lactose, almost too sweet…