Welcome to Beers of the World Project, One man’s quest to conquer the world (of beer). This is blog about my progress towards the goal of tasting beer from as many countries in the world as possible.

A lot of people start the new year with a New Year’s resolution. These often involve eating healthier and getting in better shape. Mine on the other hand is quite different. Starting January 1st I’ll more actively try to achive my goal of tasting beer from as many countries as possible.

The reason I’m writing more actively is because I’m already well under way as the first beer and country recorded for this blog dates back to March 2014. This is because my Untappd account will be the official record for the different countries I’ve tasted beer from. Since my first beer on Untappd in 2014 and up to today’s date I’ve managed to taste beer from 43 different countries, and looking to increase that number substantially in the future.

The fact that I’m using Untappd as my official record of which countries I’ve tasted beer from means that there are multiple countries I need to have a beer from one more time to get them checked in on Untappd. The main reason for this is that my beer interest really kicked of when I was living in Daytona Beach, Florida. I moved to Florida in 2011 and didn’t discover Untappd until 2014. One of the bars I frequently visited was World of Beer in nearby Port Orange, and below is a list of beers I’ve had at World of Beer that is missing from my Untappd account:

  • “33” Export (Vietnam)
  • Bedele Special Beer (Ethiopia)
  • Beerlao Lager (Laos)
  • Carib Lager (Trinidad & Tobago)
  • Kalik Lager (Bahamas)
  • Kalnapilis Original (Lithuania)
  • Labatt Blue, Molson Canadian & Moosehead Lager (Canada)
  • Medalla Light (Puerto Rico)
  • Paceña Centenario (Bolivia)
  • Quilmes Cristal (Argentina)
  • San Miguel Light (Philippines)
  • Stiegl Goldbräu (Austria)
  • Zlatý Bažant (Slovakia)

As I go into this project I have six beers ready to be tasted. These are from Argentina, Austria, Israel, Lithuania, Nigeria and Philippines. To get hold of beer from other countries I will rely on local shops here in Stavanger (Norway), personal travels, friends and other connections, and in the end online shops when the other options no longer are able to supply new countries. If you by any chance want to contribute to this project please leave a comment on this post or one of the coming updates and I will try to get in contact with you.

Until then Skål, Cheers, Salud, 干杯, Proost, Santé, ΥΓΕΙΑ, Na zdrowie, 乾杯!