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Stallhagen Original

Brewery: Stallhagen
Style: Lager
ABV: 4.5%
Country number: 130
Bought at: Systembolaget somewhere in Sweden by Fredrik Wolff who then offered it to me in a trade. Thank you Fredrik!
Date: 11/09/2020
My Untappd rating: 2.25

Just like the last entry this beer was also part of that trade we made a couple of months ago. This beer is actually one of the reason I made the changes mentioned in the blogentry about Patricia from Uruguay regarding sovereign states and other states and territories, as Åland is listed as a country on Untappd.

The beer is golden in colour with a no foam and generally very little carbonation. It tastes slightly bitter before a more sweet finish. Not much you can do to a lager so all in all an ok beer.




Brewery: Cervecería Nacional Ecuador
Style: Lager
ABV: 4.2%
Country number: 129
Bought at: Ponto Brasil & Latino in Neuss, Germany by Fredrik Wolff who then offered it to me in a trade. Thank you Fredrik!
Date: 14/08/2020
My Untappd rating: 2.25

Approximately 2 months ago I got contacted by a fellow beer enthusiast looking for countries to cross of the list. He was interested in getting some Murree Beer from Pakistan that he had found out was available at a nearby beer store from where I live. If I could get him this beer he would in return send me this entries beer and the beer I’m having next week. Of course this interested me and here I am crossing off yet another South American beer. It is really cool to see people with the same interest in trying beer from as many countries as possible.

The beer is golden in colour with a thin foam head. Right of the bat there is not a lot of taste. Very watery before it finishes of on the sweet side.




Brewery: FNC S.A.
Style: Lager
ABV: 4.8%
Country number: 128
Bought at: Pampa Drugstore in Barcelona, Spain and shipped to Norway
Date: 07/08/2020
My Untappd rating: 2.50

2020 is turning out to be a pretty decent year when it comes to tasting beer from new countries. Those of you who are Eagle-eyed might have noticed two beers listed in Upcomming Beers at the bottom of the site with picture not taken. Now that I am back home from work, pictures have been taken and this is the first of those beers. A little while back I was tipped about this online store located in Barcelona, Spain that sold beer from Uruguay. I first got in contact with them regarding shipping to Norway, as this is often a problem, and they were very quick to get back to me saying that shipping to Norway was no problem. Process was fast from there and here we are with the first South American beer in two years.

The beer is dark yellow in colour with a very thin bubbly head. It smells like a typical lager but sadly the taste does not live up to the smell. It is very watery with a small taste of grain towards the end. Slight bitterness as the taste quickly fades away. Still not as bad as it maybe sounds.

Note! I’ve made some adjustments to the blog in regards to the countries listed in each continent. The lists are now consisting of sovereign states and if there are other states or territories I’ve tried beer from in one continent it will be listed at the bottom of the page. This has also resulted in changes to the percentage bars listed on the right to reflect the new numbers of countries. When it comes to the country number listed in each blogentry it will remain the same, just keep in mind that this is country/state/territory number, as I will not go back and change over 100 blogentries.

Democratic Republic of the Congo


Simba Bière du Lion

Brewery: Brasseries Simba
Style: Lager
ABV: 5.0%
Country number: 127
Bought at: Yaka – Afrotoria in Liège, Belgium
Date: 16/07/2020
My Untappd rating: 2.25

I’m back at work and starting the workrotation with some flying out of Liège in Belgium. As I got to Liège I happened to open Untappd and looked at the nearby activity. To my surprise Simba Bière du Lion was recently checked in at a local African restaurant. I guess it is no surprise what my next move was. I of course went to the restaurant a couple days later and enjoyed this rare African beer. Funny thing is that my next flight is landing in Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of the Congo on our way to Nairobi.

The beer is golden in colour with a sweet smell to it. It seems normaly carbonated with a very thin foam head. No surprise in the taste, as it is very bland with very little taste. Slight hint of malt in the aftertaste but it fades away very quikly. Very similar to other African lagers I’ve had.



Brewery: Cerveceria Centro Americana
Style: Lager
ABV: 5.0%
Country number: 126
Bought at: Total Wine & More in Westbury, USA
Date: 17/06/2020
My Untappd rating: 2.75

And… I’m back with another lager. I’m actually still at work and have been since I checked in the beer from Hong Kong. Since then I’ve been two trips to USA and a roundtrip in Africa, but tonight I’m having a layover in Long Island after flying to New York earlier today. And almost right next door I found one of my favourite store chains in USA, Total Wine & More where I happened to find this beer from Guatemala. The beer imported to USA is called Famosa while the beer in Guatemala is named Gallo.

The beer it self is very light in both colour and taste. Little to no foam head. It tastes kind of flat and boring with very little bitterness to it, which seems to be a trend for the Central American beers I’ve tried. Nonetheless another country crossed off the list.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Thunder God

Brewery: Moonzen Brewery
Style: Pale Ale
ABV: 5.0%
Country number: 125
Bought at: BÊP Vietnamese Kitchen in Hong Kong
Date: 24/05/2020
My Untappd rating: 4.00

I’m back with another beer and as before it is work that brings me to the country with the new beer this time. I got a call on Wednesday if I could come to work. Given the times that aviation are facing with the COVID-19 virus I was very happy to say yes to some work. This ment I ended up with a layover in Hong Kong, one of the countries (?) I haven’t had beer from. After meeting up with a friend who lives in Hong Kong and doing some sightseeing we went for some Vietnamese food where I found this local american pale ale on the menu. Compared to a lot of the other countries I’ve recently tasted beer from Hong Kong has a wide selection of breweries, brewing everything from lagers to strong ales to witbiers to pale ales. A very nice relief from all the lagers.

The beer is hazy with a big creamy head. If both smells and tastes hoppy with both fruity and floral inputs. Has a citrusy note with a bitter finish. A very nice first beer from Hong Kong.



Alma-Ata Yachmennoye

Brewery: Carlsberg Kazakhstan
Style: Lager
ABV: 4.4%
Country number: 124
Bought at: Somewhere in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Thanks to Christian Horrigmo!
Date: 10/04/2020
My Untappd rating: 3.00

For the first time since January last year I am able to taste beer from a new country two weeks in a row! Once again it is my friend Christian that bought this beer for me. You might remember that he was the one who also got me the beer from Samoa and Albania. Back then he was flying for some airline in Papua New Guinea, but has since then moved back to Europe and is now flying for an airline that happens to fly to Almaty in Kazakhstan. This beer was actually bought in Almaty almost a year ago but since both of us has been occupied with work I only received it this week. As always Christian, it is highly appriciated!

The beer is golden in colour with what I would call a normal foamy top. Initial taste is malt but the bitterness dissipates quickly and it finishes very sweet for a lager. Very similar to the beer I had from Azerbaijan but I think this is slightly better.



Nepal Ice

Brewery: Sungold Brewery
Style: Lager
ABV: 5.5%
Country number: 123
Bought at: Mount Everest in Helsinki, Finland. Thanks to Espen Wiig Nybø!
Date: 03/04/2020
My Untappd rating: 3.25

The last entry on the blog was the beer I had in Bangladesh to celebrate my first landing in the Boeing 747-400. Yesterday I returned home from this work trip that lasted almost 7 weeks. In return I make it home with a passed linecheck and a Nepalese beer waiting in the fridge. My brother and some friends traveled to Helsinki Finland in late February and found this beer in a local Nepalese restaurant. They all of course enjoyed it there, but my brother remembered to ask me if Nepal was crossed of the list, which it wasn’t. He therefor returned the next day and was able to buy one beer to go. Thank you Espen!

The beer is golden in colour with a very small white lacing of foam on top. It doesn’t smell too much and has a crisp and malty taste that ends on the sweeter side. When drank cold it is a decent beer. As a lager it is quite standard, not the best and definately not the worst.




Brewery: Crown Beverages
Style: Lager
ABV: 5.0%
Country number: 122
Bought at: Le Méridian Hotel in Dhaka, Bangladesh
Date: 18/02/2020
My Untappd rating: 2.50

Once again work brings me to a country I haven’t tasted the local beer from. This time the country is Bangladesh and I had this can of Hunter to celebrate my first landing in the Boeing 747-400 as I am now in the process of upgrading to the position of first officer. I bought the beer in the lobby bar at the hotel we were staying at in Dhaka.

To be honest I would like to have celebrated with a better tasting beer. The beer is very bland and watery with a slight malty crispness to it. It is very light in colour with minimal foam on top. The taste together with the design, which is obviously “stolen” from the Australian Foster’s, makes this a very mediocre beer, but a nice country tick nonetheless.

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