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Papua New Guinea

papua new guinea

SP Lager

Brewery: South Pacific Brewery
Style: Lager
ABV: 4.5%
Country number: 117
Bought at: Gateway Hotel in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. Thanks to Patrick Storesund!
Date: 25/01/2019
My Untappd rating: 3.00

New beer two weeks in a row! I have earlier talked about the friend that was in Västerås at the same time as me who later moved to Papua New Guinea and then supplied me with beer from Samoa and Albania. What I haven’t told is that he wasn’t the only one who where in Västerås at the same time that ended up in Papua New Guinea flying for the same airline. As I was already getting last weeks beer towards the end of last year I figured out that it could be a nice idea to ask if this second person working on the other side of the world was planning to go home for Christmas, and the answer was yes. He also answered yes when I asked if he could bring a local beer with him on the long journey home. Huge thanks to Patrick!

The beer is clear golden in colour with a massive foam top when poured into the glass. It taste malty and kind of cheap with a nice floral finish. The aftertaste is sweet and grainy.  A very typical lager that probably taste a lot better when enjoyed in Papua New Guinea compared to chilly Norway.


Cape Verde

cape verde


Brewery: Sociedade Cabo Verdiana de Cerveja e Refrigerantes
Style: Lager
ABV: 5.6%
Country number: 116
Bought at: Praia Shopping in Praia, Cape Verde. Thank you very much Stian Skovro!
Date: 18/01/2019
My Untappd rating: 3.00

When publishing the last revisit last year I promised you some new beers in the new year. The fact is that this beer and another one was already on the way when posting the last entry. As I have mentioned earlier in some posts I have friends flying aircrafts all over the world, and late last year one of them happened to do some flying out of the Cape Verde islands. I of course asked if he would be so kind to bring a beer with him if he could. It was therefor a pleasant sight to come home to this beer after a couple of weeks at work. Once again thank you Stian!

The beer is golden in colour with a little white foam on top. It tastes bitter and grainy from the malts. A very normal lager without anything special to it. Sweet and citrusy ending that lingers for a little while.



Ursus Premium

Brewery: Ursus Breweries
Style: Lager
ABV: 5.0%
Country number: 38
Bought at: Somewhere in Larnaca, Cyprus
Date: 30/08/2016
My Untappd rating: 2.75

After serving you a new country last week I’m back to revisits this week. This revisit takes us back to a family vacation in Larnaca back in 2016. Larnaca actually surprised me with plenty of bars that had a decent beer selection. This beer was not enjoyed at a bar though but bought at a local supermarket and enjoyed at the hotel.

The beer is golden in colour with a normal amount of carbonation. The taste is very malty and sweet. Slight bitterness in the end before a short and sweet aftertaste.



Kollabrett Kriek

Brewery: Litra Brewing Company (Collaboration with armando_ochoa)
Style: Sour
ABV: 8.0%
Country number: 115
Bought at: Csak a Jó Sör in Budapest, Hungary
Date: 28/11/2018
My Untappd rating:

This week I’m enjoying a relaxing vacation in Budapest, Hungary. As usually I did some beer research before coming here and that research led me to the shop Csak a Jó Sör which had four different beers from the Moldavian brewery Litra Brewing Company. All these beers are brewed in collaboration with the Hungarian brewery armando_otchoa which explains why I could get them here in Budapest.

The beer is hazy dark red with no foam at all. It smells like the red wine barrells it has been stored on for 6 months. The taste is sour and fruity with lots of cherry. The finish is slightly short and on the boozy side. Might be a good beer if you like kriek style beers, but not for me.



Karlovačko Pivo

Brewery: Heineken Hrvatska
Style: Lager
ABV: 5.0%
Country number: 31
Bought at: Systembolaget in Västerås, Sweden
Date: 11/12/2015
My Untappd rating: 3.75

Same story this week as last week. Bought at the same place but enjoyed one day later when compared with the beer from Finland.

The beer is clear golden in colour with a white foam head. It smells and tastes of malts with a citrusy taste. The finish is long, malty and bitter. A very good lager.



Lapin Kulta Premium Export

Brewery: Hartwall
Style: Lager
ABV: 5.2%
Country number: 30
Bought at: Systembolaget in Västerås, Sweden
Date: 10/12/2015
My Untappd rating: 3.00

After finally finding beer from a new country last week I’m back to reviewing one of the 43 beers I had before start of this blog in 2017. One thing you might notice is that the country number on the last reviews is jumping a little from entry to entry. The reason for this is that I have not been able to find some of the beers that I had before starting in 2017. So I will leave the ones I haven’t been able to find and hopefully review them at a later stage. No over to todays review! In the blogentry for Sweden I mentioned that I travelled to Västerås for some flying. That stay lasted for two weeks and since I was joined by the same beerenthusiast who supplied me with the beer from Samoa and Albania I was able to tick of some countries while we were there.

The beer is golden in colour with very little carbonation. It doesn’t taste too much but has a malty and a sweet middle. The finish is bitter but ends rather quickly.

Saint Vincent & the Grenadines



Brewery: St. Vincent Brewery
Style: Lager
ABV: 4.8%
Country number: 114
Bought at: The Dover Market in Bridgetown, Barbados
Date: 04/11/2018
My Untappd rating: 3.00

On Thursday I got an e-mail from work asking if I could travel to Liège on Friday to operate a cargoflight to Caracas in Venezuela and then further on to Bridgetown in Barbados. As a result of this I’m spending two nights in Barbados. Banks Lager from Barbados was actually one of the first beers I had at World of Beer in Port Orange, USA. It was therefor a nice surprise that I noticed this bottle of Hairoun when visiting the local supermarket after arriving today.

Hard to tell anything about colour since I drank it from the bottle. Decent amount of carbonation. It tastes crisp and malty, but sadly this feeling fades rather quickly before some of the maltyness returns in the end. Very refreshing in 30°C heat on Barbados!



Åbro Original

Brewery: Åbro Bryggeri
Style: Lager
ABV: 5.2%
Country number: 28
Bought at: Neverland Pub & Restaurang in Stockholm, Sweden
Date: 05/12/2015
My Untappd rating: 3.00

In December 2015 I travelled to Västerås in Sweden to do the flying portion of my European pilot licence. As I was starting there on a Monday my brother and I travelled to Stockholm on the Friday before to explore the Swedish capital. I had this standard Swedish lager when we stopped for something to eat on one of these days.

The beer is yellow in colour with a little hazyness to it. It has a heavy amount of foam to it even when poured slowly. It tastes kinda flat but still brings a solid malty kick. Citrusy notes towards the end.




Brewery: Unión de Cervecerías Peruanas Backus y Johnston
Style: Lager
ABV: 4.8%
Country number: 26
Bought at: Giraffe at Heathrow Airport in London, England
Date: 14/09/2015
My Untappd rating: 3.50

In September 2015 I travelled to Mallorca together with the family to celebrate my fathers 60th birthday. When flying to Mallorca I had a short stop at Heathrow Airport in London. While ordering something to eat at Giraffe I noticed this exotic beer from Peru and decided that my meal would be even better with a South American lager complimenting it.

The beer is dark golden in colour with a finger wide foam top. It tastes crisp and malty with a small bitter hint. It finishes off with a dry malty taste.

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